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For Harley-Davidson® servicing and repairs you can't go wrong with Cairns Custom Motorcycles

At Cairns Custom Motorcycles we are not only a specialist Harley-Davidson® mechanic we can service any make and model of motor bike. Head mechanic Ned has over 15 years of motorcycle servicing experience so can be sure your pride and joy gets the attention it needs. Cairns Custom motorcycles only uses high quality oil parts that can stand up to our harsh north QLD climate.

We can also service your Harley-Davidson® or other motorcycle to the manufacturers specification and our quality servicing won't void your warranty as it is all log-book approved. This means you can deal with a local and friendly team for all of your motorcycle servicing and repairs and avoid the hassle of dealing with the bigger national franchises.

We can also assist with repairs to your motorcycle. After spending our careers working on Harley-Davidson® and other motorcycles we have developed an ability to problem solve common problems quickly and efficiently meaning you can get your bike repaired and turned around quickly and efficiently.

We also have a range of diagnostic equipment and specialty tools to make the repair and servicing process as streamlined as possible.

Engine diagnostics made easy with our class leading diagnostic and tuning products

Daytona Twin Tec LLC manufactures a range of high tech feature-rich electronic engine controls, diagnostic tools, and tuning aids for Harley-Davidson®-Davidson and other American V-Twin motorcycles.

When we get customers who bring their motorcycle into us with problems we need to be able to quickly diagnose the problem and repair it. Today's modern motorcycle engines are very high-tech and complicated and any workshop that tries to diagnose these problems using 20th century tools is going to become very frustrated and waste a lot of time and money. Our advanced scanning and diagnostic tools allow us to scan for diagnostic, wide-band oxygen sensor system for logging front and rear cylinder air/fuel ratio (AFR) data along with engine data and any fault codes that are present. We can then remedy any problems quickly and efficiently and use the software to reset the ECU codes.

Cairns Custom Motorcycles
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